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What Our Patients Are Saying

When I heard the doctor tell me in 2010 I had to have physical therapy I was very upset. I had 3 prescriptions for physical therapy 15 years earlier and all it did was cause me severe pain and all my condition did was get much worse. I went over 15 years without being able to turn my head more than a ¼ of a turn each way. I wasn't happy but I decided I would at least do what the doctor wanted me to and go to therapy just to make him happy. The doctor suggested In Motion to me so that is where I went. About halfway through the prescribed length of my therapy I realizeda ll of a sudden I could turn my head 90 degrees each way! I was excited beyond belief because I had not turned my head that far in over 15 years!

When I had a severe back/leg injury in 2013 I had severe difficulty walking and if I sat down someone had to help me up. I gave up on sleeping in bed because I could not get back out of the bed because of the pain. The doctor suggested more physical therapy and I was happy to go see Mitch at In Motion PT again. When I stated the PT this time I had so much pain that I could not do some of the prescribed exercises so Mitch began modifying the exercises to fit me and my problems. It wasn't long before I was starting to make improvements. Mitch continued modifying exercises and creating new exercises just for my specific problem areas. Again, it wasn't long before I was seeing huge improvements in my mobility and ability to do every day things we all take for granted.

After these PT sessions came to a conclusion I decided to go into the wellness program offered by In Motion and that has kept my body tuned up so I can carry on with my day to day activities with no worries. The wellness program keeps me in tip-top shape and helps make up for increasing years.

- Don, Bushland, TX