In Motion Physical Therapy
& Prevention - Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Care For You!

In today's "Corporate World" it is not uncommon to see "Corporate Therapy" where injury and pain is treated the same as every other individual that has similarity of symptoms. For example, every neck patient does exercise A, B & C throughout the duration of treatment. However, what may work for neck patient A may not work on neck patient B. Each patient has a different set of circumstances or degree of impairment and needs a program that constantly adapts and fixes to every patient's experience and report at each treatment follow up!

With each and every treatment, our mission is to approach your rehab with active training and ongoing education is exercise specific to your pain and injury. Making sure that your program grows, evolves and develops as your rehab progresses! We feel that "Motion" is a healing medicine, like NO OTHER, and it plays an extremely important role in the maintenance of your health. The right type of movements in exercise can maximize the body's ability to heal and restore movement to prevent the degeneration and weakening that pain and injury lead to. Whether you are 18 or 80 the correct forms of exercise, stretching and strengthening can improve your performance and longevity during the activities and challenges of your day. We want to show you how to treat yourself during your time with us and continue doing so long after.

Don't let pain and injury steal away the quality of your years!