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The cold laser we use has been certified by the FDA for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. However, they have also been found very effective in the treatment of Bursitis, Tendinitis and other connective tissue injuries of the upper and lower extremities.

The cold laser is unique in the way it works. The light emitted from the laser's lenses is not visible to the human eye, as well, it is not felt as it passes through the tissues. As it passes through the tissues it bathes the cells and activates the mitochondria inside them. Mitochondria have receptors that respond to light by increasing ATP production. This action in the mitochondria is known as the Krebs cycle. By revving up the Krebs cycle the injured cells produce greater amounts of ATP fuel to promote greater cellular respiration and healing capacity. The scientific term for this is photo-biosynthesis.

The cold lasers at our clinic are not like many out on the market. They produce a wavelength of light that has been patented and has proven very effective in improving pain of the upper and lower extremities.